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Sven Bjarke Gudnason

--Theoretical Physicist, Keio University

Research interests

Supersymmetry breaking in modulated vacua arXiv:1812.09078 [hep-th]
Vibrational modes of Skyrmions arXiv:1811.00562 [hep-th]
Temporal, spatial and light-like modulated vacua arXiv:1810.11361 [hep-th]
Global vortices in DBI theories arXiv:1805.02315 [hep-th]
Nuclear clusters as Skyrmions arXiv:1802.04011 [hep-th]
Boundary charges and integral identities arXiv:1710.03045 [hep-th]
String energy in the CP(N-1) model arXiv:1802.08543 [hep-th] arXiv:1708.08805 [hep-th]
Higher-order Skyrme models arXiv:1705.03438 [hep-th]
Exact vortex solutions arXiv:1701.04356 [hep-th]
Confined Skyrmions arXiv:1606.00336 [hep-th]
Black holes with Skyrme hair arXiv:1803.10786 [hep-th], arXiv:1605.07954 [hep-th]
Pion domain walls in the supersymmetric chiral Lagrangian arXiv:1602.02520 [hep-th]
Skyrme type models for nuclei (the loosely bound Skyrme model) arXiv:1805.10898 [hep-ph], arXiv:1609.01591 [hep-ph], arXiv:1606.02981 [hep-ph], arXiv:1601.05024 [hep-th]
Supersymmetric Skyrme terms arXiv:1608.03526 [hep-th], arXiv:1512.07557 [hep-th]
BPS Skyrmions on curved spaces arXiv:1510.08735 [hep-th]
Global monopoles arXiv:1507.03400 [hep-th]
Baryons in holographic QCD arXiv:1703.08695 [hep-th], arXiv:1503.04820 [hep-th]
Fractional Skyrmions arXiv:1502.06596 [hep-th]
D-brane solitons arXiv:1412.6995 [hep-th]
Baryonic strings in Bose-Einstein condensates arXiv:1809.01025 [hep-th], arXiv:1410.8407 [hep-th], arXiv:1407.7210 [hep-th]
Effective theories for solitons arXiv:1407.2822 [hep-th]
Vortices in the large flux limit arXiv:1408.1572 [hep-th], hep-th/0606065, hep-th/0512132
Temperature fluctuations in strongly coupled systems arXiv:1405.4829 [hep-th]
Baryonic domain walls arXiv:1403.1245 [hep-th], arXiv:1311.4454 [hep-th]
Mild-split supersymmetry and flavor physics arXiv:1306.2956 [hep-ph]
Torus knots and gradient flow equations arXiv:1212.0702 [hep-th]
Natural supersymmetry arXiv:1208.6263 [hep-ph], arXiv:1112.6261 [hep-ph]
Mediation of SUSY breaking in quivers arXiv:1110.1453 [hep-ph]
Supersymmetric solitons in 2+1 dimensions arXiv:1009.5429 [hep-th], arXiv:0906.0021 [hep-th]
Dark matter halos as extended objects arXiv:1202.0560 [astro-ph.CO]
Time-dependent potentials arXiv:1308.2132 [hep-th], arXiv:1206.2902 [hep-th]
Non-Abelian vortices with generic gauge groups arXiv:1007.2116 [hep-th], arXiv:0903.4471 [hep-th], arXiv:0802.1020 [hep-th]
Asymmetric dark matter hep-ph/0608055


See a list of my publications
PhD thesis: New vortex types and soliton substructures
Master's thesis: Beyond standard model physics - New technicolor models




Database of Skyrmion Vibrations by Chris Halcrow and myself, see also the paper: arXiv:1811.00562 [hep-th].
Theory Journal Club


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